Poland’s premier glass factory, Milafori, comes from humble origins. About a decade ago, a factory was discovered, defunct and vacant. The potential of both the factory and the location were soon realized.

What began as an optimistic business venture has grown into a passion for creating some of the world’s finest hand-crafted glass. Milafori has grown from a few workers with one furnace to a business with 6 furnaces and 40 employees.

Milafori’s capabilities allow us to produce a wide assortment of unique glass designs, which are limited only by the imagination of our customers and staff.

Milafori is big enough to fulfill substantial orders, but small enough to provide the individualized attention necessary to compete in today’s fast paced design and production environment,

Milifori represents a unique partnership opportunity. With a multilingual staff, flexible production, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service, Milafori is the solution to your needs for both today and the future.